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A water source heat pump delivers high performance Heating & Cooling with a geothermal system. The technology has changed and the source is not just ground loops. You can review your natural resources you have available and create your own super energy saving system.

We can help you by designing your system with these resources to gain the most energy system available.

Geothermal heat pump systems are more efficient than the conventional air cooled systems. Plus take advantage of the tax incentive credits available makes geothermal more affordable than ever.

Traditionally geothermal heating and air conditioning  systems were installed using ground loops, but with today's technology and so many ways to transfer energy allows the consumer with options and utilizing their natural resources. To review these options go to Installation Options to get new ideas, utilizing your resources and saving real money!

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If you are replacing an existing system or designing a new geothermal heating and air conditioning system we can help. We have installation solutions for the residential homeowner and for commercial businesses.

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We offer a complete line of water source heat pumps.


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Single and Two stage compressors, Variable Speed Fans, Cupro Nickel Coils, DeSuper Heaters, Quiet Package


Designs to fit your needs!

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Consider  geothermal water source heat pumps as the main focus on your next housing, apartment, or condo project. Offer YOUR customers a super energy efficient living space, a home that will save them real money.


We offer community developers a volume sales and installation program to assure the neighborhood being designed and built is one above all the others. Great Marketing!


 Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning!